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What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is an excellent way to sell and/or liquidate a family estate and personal belongings or dispose of unwanted and unneeded items when downsizing or relocating your home or business. The estate sale will be held in the home or business and the public will be given the opportunity to purchase any items priced for sale.

Why should I consider an estate sale?

Common reasons for holding an estate sale may include the death of a loved one, divorce, downsizing or relocating a home or business, providing guidance to an Executor or Trustee of a Will, moving, relocation of a family member to a retirement community, nursing, or assisted living facility.

Why should we hire An Estate in Time?

We will provide professional estate sale services with minimal disruption to your life. We are the only company in Arizona that extensively researches the “fair market value” of your belongings, inventories them, barcodes, and professionally tags your items, providing a spreadsheet at the end of the sale detailing the item name, price at which the item sold, and the date and time the item sold. At checkout, the barcoded tags integrate with our state of the art computer system to detail the item sold, price, and date and time the item was sold. A receipt prints out and is given to the customer; who then needs to show the receipt at the door and have it checked by staff to exit, much like Sam’s Club or Costco. This deters theft and provides a double check system for you. We organize the sale in such a way that it resembles a retail store. Your items are cleaned and displayed in an attractive manner.  Following the sale, you will receive a certified check, sent priority mail with signature, within 3-5 days of the conclusion of the sale along with your itemized spreadsheet. Our professional and knowledgeable company will make this experience as simple and as pleasant as possible for you and communicate with you fully all the way through the experience.  Remember, we work for You.  Our service is top notch,  all inclusive, and comprehensive.

In what other states does An Estate in Time conduct estate sales?

Currently, we are facilitating estate sales through out Arizona and expanding into Southern California and Southern Nevada.

In how many days will An Estate in Time hold my estate sale?

Estate sales typically run 2-4 days usually starting on Thursdays or Fridays. This will be discussed with you as it is often dependent on the size of the estate sale and the contents available for sale.

How long will it take to coordinate my estate sale?

The average estate sale takes 1 1/2-3 weeks prep time. We are very aware of deadlines when it comes to liquidating your estate and will work in communication with family, trustees, and/or executors of the will.

Are there any legal requirements of the estate prior to contracting an estate sale?

Yes. If you are the homeowner, we will need a copy of the declaration page of your homeowner’s insurance policy for our records. Although accidents/injuries seldom occur, it is important to keep your homeowner’s policy active for the duration of the sale. We carry 1M/3M liability insurance as well. Ask to see the declaration page of our liability insurance.

If you are the personal representative of an estate, we will need to have a photocopy of the legal documents that authorize you to sell or dispose of the property. This information is often located within the will or is known as a “letter of testamentary”.  Although we carry liability insurance, we also require that the homeowner’s insurance on the home be current and in place throughout the sales process. We will need a copy of the declaration page of the insurance for our file.

The estate is responsible for disconnecting the gas, electric, and water from any appliances which are to be sold. The furnace and air conditioner must be in working order before the set-up process and the water, gas, and electric must be turned on and kept on throughout the sale process.  We do not need a phone line.

What will I be charged by An Estate in Time to handle my estate sale?

There is NO charge for our no obligation consultation. We work strictly on commission, which means NO up-front or out-of-pocket costs to you! Our commission, something usually set in the initial consultation, is based upon what we estimate the gross sales will be and how much work must be done in order for your sale to be successful. Please note that we may quote lower commissions on specific items-e.g., motorcycles, high end automobiles, RV’s, and boats.

When will I be paid?

Depending on the size of your estate, our records are normally reconciled within 48-72 hours of the sale and a business check mailed within 7 business days. If credit card payments are accepted at the sale, the card payments take 24-48 hours to clear the bank Monday through Friday before the account can be reconciled. You will receive a business check sent USPS priority mail with signature. Please make sure we have a valid mailing address on file at the conclusion of the sale.

Does an Estate in Time have insurance?

Yes. We carry 1 Million/3 Million liability insurance with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Ask to see our insurance declaration page for confirmation. Not only does this protect you, the insurance protects us against damage to your property, slips and falls, injury on the property, and many other potential occurrences.

Will I need to help setup my estate sale or provide any items for staging the estate sale?

No. We handle the estate sale for you and make sure everything is set up, staged, and priced for a successful sale. Please let us do the work for you. We ask that you throw nothing away until we have had a chance to see the estate in its entirety. We provide and set up shelving, lighting, mirrors, tables, locked and lighted showcases, clothing racks, jewelry trays, cash registers, tablecloths, security equipment, and all other necessary equipment. We will carefully consider traffic patterns, utilize professional tags and signage, neatly organized tables, friendly and helpful employees, and onsite security systems.

How will you advertise my estate sale?

An Estate in Time will market your estate sale on this website and three other estate sale websites, our email list, google, and Youtube. We will place signs in the neighborhood where the home is located and on adjacent streets. We will market and advertise to over 50,000 people throughout the Phoenix Metro area and will regionally or nationally advertise if warranted.

What happens when we sign an estate sale contract with An Estate in Time?

We will sort and organize the estate contents for you and separate out the merchandise to be sold from the items donated or disposed of. We will move furniture, set up tables, clean merchandise, tastefully display similar items together, and tag items with prices and details. The more valuable items will be most prominently displayed toward the entrance of the home for higher buyer visibility. Between 300 and 1200 photos will be taken of items for sale and posted as an Upcoming Sale on this site, three estate sale specific websites, and on social media. During the sale, our staff will be strategically placed throughout the home to keep a careful eye on your belongings, deter theft and answer questions buyers may have regarding the items for sale.

What happens if I want to sell items for a specific price?

We will tag those items with “price is firm per client request” or a similar statement.

How do you price the items to be sold?

We will price most items based on our experience, recent research, current selling trends, realized auction prices, internet resources, and reference books. We also may bring in or consult with licensed appraisers and our team of specialists and experts for the more valuable items.

Should I clean the house first or start throwing things away?

Please do NOT throw any items away. Once you sign the contract with An Estate in Time, you can take it easy. Remember, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We will view the entire contents of the estate and determine what’s “trash” and what’s “treasure”. If you plan to give things to family, please do so before signing a contract with us.

How will I know which items sold and at what price?

We will provide you with a detailed and itemized account of your sale which will show all items sold as well as the sales price for each item and date and time that item sold. Normal items under twenty dollars will be itemized under general categories. Rare/antique/vintage items will always be separately itemized and priced.

What happens to unsold leftover merchandise from my estate sale?

Unlike many estate sale companies, when you sign a contract with An Estate In Time, LLC, we are providing a service only. We do not “keep” your left over items following your sale. Those items still belong to you and you may wish to sell or donate the remaining items to whomever you choose. If you like, we have many resources available to you; including numerous charities, consignment shops, or auction houses.

Please know that we do not own a consignment  store, gallery, auction house, antique store, thrift store, or online sales site. We also do not BUY estates. On the contrary, we believe that buying estates constitutes a significant conflict of interest for the professional estate liquidator.  Please understand that we don’t compete against our client’s best interests!!

Can I be present during my estate sale?

When a client is present at the sale, the client’s friends and acquaintances often feel they should have preferential treatment, gain early entry, or get better deals. This can end up being a very difficult situation for everyone. Sometimes personal property can also hold sentimental value and it may cause emotional distress on the day of the sale.

What kind of payments does An Estate in Time accept?

We accept cash, debit cards, wire transfers and major credit cards with proper identification for purchases. We do NOT accept American Express, personal checks or business checks.

Do you charge sales tax on the items sold at the estate sale?

Sales tax is required on all purchases at estate sales in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and California. Arizona calls this tax on used items “Transaction Privilege Tax”. We are responsible for collecting and remitting payment to the state of all applicable tax. If a customer has a resale license in the state where the items are purchased and can provide a copy of that resale license, state tax is not collected for that particular purchase. We must hold copies of all resale licenses on file as well.

Do you sell automotive, motorcycles, RV' or other large vehicles?s

Yes. We find that cars, trucks, vans, RV’s, quads, `and motorcycles draw large crowds and new customers. We will handle the Bill of Sale and the transfer of the Title with the DMV. We will send confirmation to you as soon as the transfer and Bill of Sale are recorded and completed.

What do you do to deter theft during the estate sale?

We limit access to one entrance and one exit. Our staff are well trained in watching for potential theft. We strongly discourage large bags and purses, strollers, backpacks, and large boxes. If a customer buys boxes or luggage, we carefully check these items before they leave the sale. Valuables such as gold, platinum, gemstones, artwork, watches, coins, etc. are kept in locked showcases. We allow only one piece of jewelry and/or one gun to be shown at any time and nothing leaves the showcase until it is paid for by the customer. We accept only cash for vehicles, jewelry, guns, and coin sales.

Jennifer and Robert were fantastic

“Jennifer and Robert were fantastic with the estate sale for my brother’s house.  They came in with a clear understanding of the value of items and knew exactly what to do. I am out of state and handled everything from start to finish and I had nothing to worry about. Things sold for above what I expected and I appreciated that for higher ticket items they advised with me. The house was left immaculate afterwards. They promptly deposited the funds and provided me with a detailed invoice of the goods sold.  Overall, they made a very difficult situation much easier and I am forever grateful.  I would have no hesitation utilize them again and highly recommend them.”

– Shelly S.

It was an absolute pleassure

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jennifer and Robert Lamb who managed the sale of most of my home items as a part of the process of downsizing. They made the initial consultation very easy by meeting with me in my home and providing insight into an estate sale process. Jennifer and Robert also made filling out the contract easy through email which save me time and effort as I was juggling many different activities at the time. Robert and Jennifer were always available to clarify questions and spent hours setting my home up for the sale. I cannot stress enough how proud I was at the way my belongings were displayed for the sale—first class! Jennifer and Robert brought in tables and dressed them with tablecloths. My home was turned into mini-boutiques where shoppers could easily browse and view items at a comfortable level. They also made my sale safe and thief free by creating one entrance/exit and locking finer jewelry and purses in viewable cases—like department stores do. I received my payment very conveniently by direct deposit into my bank and was very pleased with the dollar amount I made from my sale. I now count Jennifer and Robert among my friends and have already recommended them to a very good friend who is planning to have an estate sale in the near future. I would also recommend An Estate In Time to anyone who desires a quality, respectful, well managed and first class estate sale.

– Rosemary James

Jen and Rob were outstanding

Jen and Rob are outstanding people who care deeply about the folks they help – often through difficult scenarios. Sadly, estate sales are frequently needed because of a crisis situation or a family member’s illness or death. Jen & Rob understand that & are genuinely compassionate to those who might be vulnerable. They are extremely honest about everything and painstakingly barcode every item to be sold. Through their barcoding system, nothing is left to chance. When our sale was completed, we received a very lengthy report, detailing every item sold. While they didn’t clean our home after the sale (we didn’t expect it), they did make every effort to assist us in getting our living areas back to normal. Their payment was prompt and complete. In addition to all this – they are genuinely kind, caring, and very nice people; people we now consider friends. One year after our estate sale, we needed a statement from them about the sale (for accounting purposes) and Jen provided it to us within two hours!! She is amazing! We would hire them again in a heartbeat!

-Joanne Moudy

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